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Welcome to The Georgia Hosta Society Web Site. If you are interested in learning more about hostas, you've come to the right place! The Georgia Hosta Society was created to promote growing hostas in Georgia and to provide educational information about just how to do it. Georgia encompasses the southern limits of successful hosta growing in the United States. That is because hostas require a substantial cold dormancy period in order to thrive. Hostas in the south also require more shade when grown in the south than in the north so tree root competition becomes more of a factor. Successful hosta growing requires a steady supply of moisture, particularly during the late summer and fall periods when rains are often in short supply in Georgia.

Does all of the above mean that you cannot grow beautiful hostas in Georgia? Of course not. You can see lush hosta plantings all over north Georgia and even in central Georgia, particularly in our members' gardens. The secret is in knowing which cultivars are best suited for growing in the south and in knowing the cultural conditions required. The members of the Georgia Hosta Society can help you become a successful hosta grower. We can also assist you with growing hostas as potted plants. Hostas make great container plants. Our members are also very interested in the many other companion plants that can be successfully grown in the shade garden and can share that information with you. We love to share what we learn as shade gardeners in general and hostas growers in particular.

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Hostas come in many sizes and shapes in shades of green, gold, blue. Variegated hostas are very common and are quite popular. There is a hosta to fill your needs in just about any situation in your garden. Information on how to join The Georgia Hosta Society along with our meeting schedules can be found on this web site. Please consider joining The Georgia Hosta society and join with us at our meetings, plant sales and auctions, our annual hosta show, and other activities.