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American Hosta Society The American Hosta Society (AHS) is a society dedicated to the study and improvement of the genus Hosta and the dissemination of general and scientific knowledge about them.

Dixie Hosta Society Anyone who has membership in the GHS is automatically a member of the Dixie Hosta Society which is a region of the American Hosta Society.

Mini Hosta Forum Mission: To assist in determining which hostas, based on growers experiences, meet The American Hosta Society criteria for a mini hosta. To maintain a listing of AHS Mini Hostas to be used for the annual AHS Mini Hosta Popularity Poll.
To provide a forum for exchange of information on growing mini hostas.

Hosta Library A site filled with hundreds of hosta photos and much hosta information.

Links to the Vendors at the Hosta Show and Sale on May 13, 2017
Plant Sale on May 13 th from 9 am to 3:30 pm
Hostas, Companion Plants and other gardening goods for sale

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Hostas come in many sizes and shapes in shades of green, gold, blue. Variegated hostas are very common and are quite popular. There is a hosta to fill your needs in just about any situation in your garden. Information on how to join The Georgia Hosta Society along with our meeting schedules can be found on this web site. Please consider joining The Georgia Hosta society and join with us at our meetings, plant sales and auctions, our annual hosta show, and other activities.