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Virtual Hosta Cut Leaf Show (last days to enter)


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Georgia Hosta Society

First ever Photographic Hosta Cut Leaf Show (virtual show)

May 1 – 15  2021

Not accredited by the American Hosta Society

Judged by members of the Georgia Hosta Society


A:            One cut leaf from :

  • 1.                  Giant Leaved Registered Cultivar or Species
  • 2.                  Large Leaved
  • 3.                  Medium Leaved
  • 4.                  Small Leaved
  • 5.                  Miniature leaved
  • 6.                  Unregistered – any size
  • B:        Two leaves cut from one seedling or sport.  Any size, any color.
  • C:        A pot containing one cultivar or species, any size
  • D:        A pot containing various species or cultivars plus other decorative items


Submissions of one photograph of each leaf or pot only.  Entrants may only submit one photograph per sub category and category.  Please limit your entries to 9 per person or household.

Submissions must be made between May 1st 2021 and May 15th 2021.  Please submit the highest resolution photos you can. 

Send them, one photo per email to :

You will be assigned an entry number and that will be used to identify each photograph.

Addition to rules of Leaf Show Competition.

"Please note that photos of leaves still attached to the plant will be permitted.  Please make clear which leaf is your submission and show its size and shape as clearly as possible."

Please place your hosta leaf on a flat piece of white paper and photograph it from above.  Please include something in the photograph to indicate dimensions of leaf.  A ruler along the side would be easiest.  Lighting should be as near to daylight as possible in order to avoid distorting or misrepresenting the color and texture of the leaf.

Submitted photos will be presented to our membership in the form of a Powerpoint Presentation link sent to everyone with an email address.  Entrants’ names will not be visible.  Entries will be numbered on May 15th.

Voting will take between May 16th and May 23rd.  Each member will be able to vote for one Best in Section 1-6, one Best in Category B, one Best in Category C and one Best in Category D.  Best in Show will be awarded to the leaf (or leaves if there is a tie) in Sections 1 through 6 with the most votes.  All members of the Georgia Hosta Society in good standing are entitled to vote, once.                                     

Kudos is the only reward.

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