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Vendors for Our 29th Annual Plant Sale on May 12, 2018

On Saturday, May 12, we’ll hold our 29th Show and Sale at the First Baptist Church of Tucker, located at 2367 Main Street. Greg Ferguson, our vendor liaison, has rounded up a plum group of merchants for this most special event. Vendors will be open for business from 8:30 am until 3:30 pm.

Rising Star Hosta Farm

From newly-expanded growing space in Jackson, Georgia, owner Steve McMurtry will be bringing to Tucker not just a large selection of 200 varieties of hostas he grows, but companion plants including ferns, epimediums, hollies, and dwarf conifers. Fairy Gardens, a speciality of Rising Star, and unique garden products will also be available. Steve's available by email. (Silvers Elbert Nursery)

The 27 years of hosta-growing expertise of this nursery will be evident even from Lynburn Avenue that borders the plant sale lot. Bill Silvers and Natalie Silvers Price offer buyers beautifully grown more mature specimens of some of the best hostas for our climate. The nursery located in Cisco, GA has long been involved in developing streaked varieties so you can expect a selection of those as well. Click here to head for the website.

Cactus Creations by Peggy

Look for a sunny spot on the GHS plant lot. There you’ll find Peggy Heard showcasing what wonderful art you can make using the textures and colors of cacti and succulents, including appealing dish gardens. She’ll have starter cacti and succulents on hand from her Cactus Creations by Peggy in Oxford, Georgia, just waiting to become part of your own designs, plus larger specimens such as ‘Crown of Thorns’ and ‘Barrel Cactus.’ And of course Peggy will be delighted to answer your questions about plant care. She's available by email and through her Facebook page.

Catalina Gardens

Greening up one patch of the lot behind the Fellowship Hall will be a host of hosta transported by Marlie and Diane Turner from their production garden in Powder Springs. The Turners plant list has 164 varieties of hosta, so you can expect a lot of choices to be on offer. Included in the list are ten species hosta, including 'ventricosa aureomarginata,' that are seldom seen in the large retail outlets. If you are partial to Japanese painted ferns or Stella D’or daylilies, Catalina Gardens has those for you as well. Click here for the website.

Pine Forest Gardens

Richard Jolly’s trailer from Pine Forest Gardens in Tyrone, done up in the style of a food cart, offers treats much more tempting than hot dogs. Try the H. ‘Blueberry Tart,’ H. ‘Cookie Crumbs,’ H. ‘Dinner Mint,’ H. ‘Guacamole,’ or H. ‘Raspberry Sorbet.’ If your appetite for hostas tends toward the small side, you’ll also find on the menu H. ‘Teaspoon,’ H. ‘Thumbelina,’ H. ‘Mini Skirt’ and H. ‘Little Wonder.’ And if your hosta hunger is huge, try a pot of H. ‘Blue Angel,’ H. ‘Cathedral Windows,’ or H. ‘Komodo Dragon.’ Shopping here will leave you satisfied. Click here for the website.

Thyme on My Hands

If you’re looking for something to enhance the beauty of your garden and serve a functional purpose as well, make time to shop here. Creating a beautiful garden requires more than just plants, and Carol Wahl has assembled a choice assortment of gardening aids and accessories. Gardening attire—including aprons, hats, gloves, t-shirts and shoes—will be on offer. Unique accessories to complement all garden styles such as plant markers, garden flags, wind chimes, and bird houses will be available. Click here for the website.

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